Private Intuitive & Energy Healing Trainings...  
 (In-Person / Skype)

Receive one-on-one instruction from Desiree in connecting with your innate intuitive and energy healing abilities!  

Trainings are personalized to fit your specific spiritual, intuitive, and energy healing goals.  Beginning and experienced levels are welcome!

(Desiree offers Private Trainings over Skype and in-person at 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803.) 

Intuitive Development & Mediumship Training

We are all born with a natural ability to connect to spirit.  Many of us simply forget how to open our energy and listen.  Private Intuitive & Mediumship Trainings help you re-awaken and develop the skill of consciously receiving messages from spirit.  You will be met at your current level/understanding, and desired topics you wish to cover will be discussed before the private training. 

 Potential Topics & Exercises...

  • The 4 Basic Steps to Energetically Prepare for Spirit Communication
  • Intention & Meditation
  • Metaphysical Senses
  • The Symbolic Language of Spirit
  • The Chakras and How They Relate to Spirit Communication
  • "Mediumship Grid" - (Desiree's Personal Technique for Identifying Spirit Loved Ones)
  • Exercises (Automatic Writing, Personality Readings, and More!)  

Chakra and Energy Healing Training

In today's busy society, maintaining a balanced energy system is more crucial than ever!  Learning to heal your personal chakra energy centers and channel universal healing energy for others allows life to be lived to the fullest potential.  "Private Chakra and Energy Healing Trainings" provide instruction in the functions of each chakra energy center and a wide variety of methods to heal them.  You will be met at your current level / understanding, and desired topics you wish to cover will be discussed before the training.

Potential Topics & Exercises...

  • The 7 Major Chakras (Physical/Emotional Purposes, Colors, Sanskrit Names, etc.)
  • Chakra Imbalances and How to Heal Them
  • Using Pendulums to Determine Chakra Health
  • "Chakra Chat" - Learning to Receive Intuitive Information Directly from the Chakras
  • Reiki I Attunement
  • Vocal Toning to Heal the Chakras
  • Basic and Advanced Hands-On Energy Healing Techniques

Private Training Rates:

  • $300 - 4 One-Hour Private Training Sessions  (4 Hours Total)

(Small group trainings available!  Contact Desiree for more information.)

Schedule a Training:

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