About Desiree...


     As a spirit medium, Desiree is able to hear and communicate messages she receives from spirit guides, master teachers, and loved ones who have passed on to the "Other Side."

     This spirit guidance is laden with positive words and advice that spans over every subject.  Desiree serves as a type of "spirit telephone" that allows a reciprocal conversation between the recipient of her session and their guides/loved ones.  Her connection can be "turned on" through breath work and meditation, and is easily "turned off" in her daily life.

     Desiree has communicated with spirit since her childhood.  Her personal psychic discovery began in her early years when she would be given "yes" or "no" answers to her questions during nightly meditation.  As she grew older, she shared with her family that she was receiving this light-filled guidance from spirit, and they, too, started to seek answers from her connection to spirit.

     Exciting new clarity was gained in her spiritual mediumship ability after training with globally esteemed energy healer, Warren Barigian.  His blockage-removing work released previously untapped psychic potential in Desiree, enabling her to comprehend specific messages and guidance from spirit.  The healing was a momentous step in her journey that would lead her to her current occupation as a spirit medium.

     Desiree has received spiritual training from world renowned experts in a variety of spiritual fields.  She attended "Advanced Intuitive Training" with spirit medium, James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute.  She also studied with Jamie Butler, spirit medium, at her "With Love and Light" center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Additionally, Desiree has explored numerous healing modalities including Reiki, toning, shapeshifting, and other shamanic practices.  In 2013, she received her Reiki Master certificate from William Lee Rand, the founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training.  She furthered her study with William in 2014 when she travelled to Glastonbury & Stonehenge, England to receive her Karuna Reiki® Master certificate.  She is also certified as an "Advanced Shapeshifter Practitioner" after completing "Shamanic Reiki Healing" and "Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness" intensives with New York Times bestselling author and shamanism expert, John Perkins, and shaman, Llyn Roberts.    

     In addition to her spiritual interests, Desiree is an accomplished musician.  Growing up in a musical household, Desiree has been performing since she was four years old, singing, playing piano and guitar. She currently teaches piano and voice lessons out of her home, and leads several "School of Rock" style rock bands of middle and high school students.  

     Today, Desiree passes on the guidance of spirit through "in person" and "phone" sessions with clients internationally.  Her work has reached people around the world through a string of personal referrals from those who have been touched by her sessions.  She teaches spiritual workshops across the country to help others learn to develop their intuition and perform energy healing.  In 2020, she began the "Spirit Guidance and Healing" YouTube Channel to share about her life and her teachings online.    

     A truly one of a kind experience, the incredible light in a Spirit Guidance session heals, soothes, and even transforms lives...

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