Special Bags for Positive Affirmation Card Decks by Mary Ohashi


Message from Mary:

"What I love about spiritual card decks is how they provide guidance and prompt inspiration. With the power to loosen fixed perspectives with their messages, the decks become sacred to me. Each deck has its own personality to learn and cultivate a relationship with. Inspired by the old traditions with tarot cards where they were wrapped in silk or special fabric, I like to create bags for my decks to live in. I find it adds to the richness of my sessions with them.

I've designed these bags specifically for Terri's decks (standard playing card size). Each bag measures 4 ¾" length X 6 ¾" height and has 1/8 polyester lacing cord for durability. Colors and fabric have been chosen to delight the senses while sewn with artistic intention to add richness to your rituals with spirit."

Hand wash / delicate with cold water. Hang dry.

3 Card Deck Bag Colors Available!

Purple bag: 100% cotton with playful metallic stars

Brown bag: 100% cotton batik in various shades of deep brown with feather pattern

Blue bag: 100% cotton batik with golden suns and stars

Which color(s) would you like? (Purple, Brown, or Blue)

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