Terri & Desiree's Guided Meditation CDs...

New!  "Sacred Reunions:  Guided Meditations by Terri & Desiree Dennis"

Guided Meditations - Track Listing

1.  "Four Element:  Grounding & Clearing Meditation"           (18:09)

2.  "Sacred Space:  Meet Your Spirit Guidance Team"           (20:33)

3.  "Journey to the Past:  Past Life Regression" 


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$9.99 (individual tracks available for $3.99)

     Relax to the soothing voice of Terri Dennis as she leads you through 3 guided meditations, including a grounding & releasing meditation, a creation of a sacred space meditation to meet your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Master Teachers, and loved ones on the Other Side, 

as well as a past life journey meditation. Over 75 minutes of guided meditation!   

(CD Features Original Music by Desiree Dennis.  Cover Art by Emily Dennis)

   Quan Yin Spirit Channelings on CD...

Who is Quan Yin?

     Quan Yin is a deity & spirit master teacher cherished around the world.  She is often prayed to as a Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Quan Yin is a shortened form of a name that means "One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World."  (She is also called Guan Yin & Kuan Yin.) 

     Desiree has been working with Quan Yin for several years.  Quan Yin has spoken through Desiree at a number of Desiree's workshops and public channelings throughout the country, sharing messages of love, peace, joy, and Divine Oneness.

"Planting a New Dream Seed - Quan Yin's 8 Steps for Releasing Limiting Beliefs & 
Creating a Life of Boundless Potential"

(Desiree Channeling Quan Yin.  Recorded in Jacksonville, Florida in Dec. 2013)


Listen to Disc 1, Track 5 below!

Step 4: Forgiveness
My Recording

"Quan Yin's Reflections on Creating Love, Relaxation and Space"

(Desiree Channeling Quan Yin.  Recorded in Ishpeming, Micigan in Sept. 2013)


Listen to Disc 2, Track 5 below!

How can we love the rascals who are difficult to love?
My Recording

"Lighting Your Internal Flame with Quan Yin"

(Desiree Channeling Quan Yin.  Recorded in State College, Pennsylvania in June, 2013)


(Excerpt from "Lighting Your Internal Flame with Quan Yin" CD)

     "Here on the Earth, in this realm, you must deal with a little thing called 'time.'   Time does not exist as it does here in other aspects of the spiritual and energetic worlds.  Therefore, patience is a skill that must be learned here.  What is patience?  Patience is the willingness to be at peace when you are waiting....when there is a theoretical passing of time.  And I am not simply speaking of when you are very excited about something and it seems that it is going to take a long time to get here.  No, that is not only of what I speak of.  I also speak of the patience that is sometimes required when there is someone who is close to you who is not at your level of understanding in the current moment you are experiencing.  I am focusing today on patience when it comes to relationships.

    We are surrounded on Earth by many beings -- people, animals, plant life -- all forms of matter.  The people that we consider to be close to us, who we enjoy spending our time with, and who make us feel whole.  All of these people, we wish to be on a similar or 'same level' as us in what we are able to understand.  Not so much knowledge of the brain, but knowledge of the heart.  If we have learned to take care of our Self, whether that means eating healthy food, financially supporting yourself, or taking care of your emotions in a healing way... a way that does not require lashing out or anger, it can be difficult to understand that there may be others, who you consider to be close to your heart, family members, friends or partners, but they have not yet found the same inner peace as you have.  This can cause frustration and even despair.  

    So I encourage every one of you to consider this thought.  Patience, inner peace, is the clearest way for you to come to a determination of how to help another person who is feeling frustrated with their life.  It does not truly help to tell a person that they are doing something in the way that you would not.  Rather, it is crucial to understand that they are where they are right now.  You do not have to change it.  All you can do is look within to your inner candle to find the greatest sense of inner peace.  From this place you will have the patience to wait all that you need to for them to learn in their soul's own perfect divine timing.  To change in the way that they need to.  It is not your responsibility to have to change any other person to suit your needs or their needs.  The greatest gift that you can offer them through their challenges, frustrations, and woes is your own heart and sense of inner peace.  Thank you." 

-Quan Yin, Goddess of Love and Compassion (Channeled by Desiree Dennis)