Are You Feeling Called to Share Your Mediumship Gifts As a Sacred Service to Others?

Join Us for Level 3 Mediumship Training!

Online Mediumship Training
with Desiree Dennis
Level 3 - "Becoming a Practicing Medium"

8-Week Mediumship Immersion!
January 11 - March 8, 2023

Live Zoom Training Sessions on Wednesdays
at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern Time!

8 Class Dates:

Jan. 11, Jan. 18, Jan. 25, Feb. 1, Feb. 15, Feb. 22, Mar. 1, & Mar. 8
(No Class on Feb. 8)

Level 3 Training Fee:


About Level 3 Training :

This empowering training is designed for those who wish to dive more deeply into the practice of mediumship for friends, family & potential future clients.  We will discuss how to tie together the multitude of techniques we learned in Level 1 & 2 to create and offer a full mediumship reading.  Desiree will share valuable knowledge she has learned in her 14 years practicing spirit mediumship, including important tips for working with clients & spirits alike!  Throughout this 8-week immersion, we will have lots of opportunities for Q & A, group discussion, mediumship demonstrations, healing meditations, & practice time.  As a culmination of the training, each student will also have the special opportunity to offer a 30 minute reading to their own "practice client" invited to class in Week 7.  If you wish to commit to a path of offering mediumship sessions as a healing service to others, this is the training for you!     

Pre-Requisite:  "Level 1 & 2 Spirit Mediumship Training" with Desiree, OR previous intermediate level spirit communication training & experience (*If you have attended many previous spirit communication classes and/or you are already practicing spirit mediumship regularly for yourself and others, it is possible that you may wish to go directly to Level 3.  Please contact Desiree to determine if you have the required experience to skip directly to Level 3.  For the most thorough training and foundation in Spirit Mediumship, Desiree would recommend attending all 3 levels)


Level 3 Training Will Include...

  • How to structure a complete "Guidance Reading" & "Reunion Reading"
  • The yin & yang approach to mediumship 
  • Developing your mediumship style
  • Establishing your mediumship "anchor point" to assist your accuracy
  • Self-Love & Empowerment Meditation 
  • What are the challenges to mediumship work, and how can we go past them?
  • The ethics of mediumship
  • How to be a healthy & balanced spirit medium
  • How to prepare for a spirit mediumship client 
  • The opportunity to do a 30 minute reading for a “practice client” invited to the class
  • Q & A Forums (Where you will have the opportunity to ask your personal mediumship questions to Desiree & the group)
  • Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Level 3 Training Manual
  • Level 3 Spirit Mediumship Training Certificate
  • And much more! 

Training Highlights of Each Week...

Week 1

  • Introduction to Level 3 Training
  • Developing Your Mediumship Style
  • The Yin & Yang Approach to Mediumship
  • Discovering Your Mediumship Anchor Point

Week 2

  • How to Create a Complete Guidance Reading (5 Potential Structures)
  • Guidance Reading Demonstrations

Week 3

  • Guidance Reading Practice Time!

Week 4

  • How to Offer a Complete Reunion Reading  (3 Potential Structures)
  • The Spirit / Medium / Client Triad
  • Reunion Reading Demonstrations

Week 5

  • Reunion Reading Practice Time!

Week 6

  • Self-Love & Empowerment Meditation
  • The Ethics of Mediumship
  • How to Prepare for a Spirit Mediumship Client

Week 7

  • Readings for Invited "Practice Clients"!

Week 8

  • Wrap-Up & Integration
  • How to Develop a Spirit Mediumship Practice
  • Final Ceremony

Level 3 Training Details...

Training Details:  Online Spirit Mediumship Training will take place over Zoom.  The Zoom link will be sent by email prior to the start of the training.  

Level 3 Training Fee:  $425  (Payment plans available.  See below for more information.)

Recording:  A video recording of each Zoom meeting will be sent to all participants by email within 48 hours after each training.  If you cannot make a live session, you are welcome to watch the recording to catch up on the training material & make-up the practice time outside of class. 

Cancellation PolicyThere will be no refunds available for this training.  If you are no longer able to attend, please let Desiree know before the training begins, and you will be welcome to use the training credit towards a future online training with Desiree. 

Registration & Payment...

To reserve your spot, please email Desiree at and use the registration button below to pay for the training.  You can pay the entire training fee, or use one of the payment plan options below.

To Pay the Full Training Fee ($425), Please Use the Link Below...


Payment Plans Available!

Payment Plan A  (2 Payments)

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 Payment #1 (Due On or Before January 1, 2023)
 Payment #2 (Due On or Before March 1, 2023)
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Payment Plan B  (4 Payments)

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  Payment #1 (Due On or Before December 1, 2022)
  Payment #2 (Due On or Before January 1, 2023)
  Payment #3  (Due On or Before February 1, 2023)
  Payment #4  (Due On or Before March 1, 2023)
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