Delve into Your Past-Lives!


More details about each workshop included below...

(Registrants can attend just Part 1, or both workshops!)


"Past-Life Exploration Workshop" - Part 1

Sunday, March 10,  10:00 am - 1:30 pm   ($35)

This workshop will include a lively seminar and group discussion on past lives, as well as fascinating information from our recent Past-Life Regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss.  (Dr. Weiss is a renowned teacher and author of many books about Past-Lives, including Many Lives, Many Masters.)  Terri will also facilitate a group past-life regression, as an opportunity for participants to re-experience a past-life firsthand.  Attendees will have time to ask questions and share their experiences.  (No experience necessary!  Registrants can attend Part 1 only, or choose to continue on to Part 2 on Saturday, March 16.)  

Participants will learn…

  • How examining our past lives can promote physical healing in our current life
  • How re-experiencing our past lives can assist in emotional clearing
  • How exploring past lives may ease anxieties, fears, and phobias we may have in our present lifetime
  • How patterns in our current relationships may be traced to past lives
  • How delving into past lives can connect us to greater understanding of the totality of our being

"Past-Life Regression Training" - Part 2

Saturday, March 16, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm  ($95)

This immersive training will focus on teaching you the basic skills and techniques to perform an effective Past-Life Regression (PLR) for your friends, family members, or potential future clients.  Training will include lecture, interactive exercises, as well as an opportunity to practice doing your own PLR with a partner!

Participants will learn…

  • How to do an "intake interview" when your friend/client arrives for his or her first PLR session
  • How to "set the stage" for relaxation for your friend/client
  • Hypnotic induction techniques using "progressive muscle relaxation" and "guided imagery"
  • Sample questions that can be used to guide your friend/ client during the PLR
  • Transition techniques to bring your friend/client to the "Other Side" and/ or another lifetime
  • How to bring your friend/ client back to waking consciousness & how to close the session
  • How to assist your friend/client in integrating his or her past-life experience with his or her current lifetime

Prerequisite:  To attend Part 2 of this workshop, attendees must either attend Part 1 on March 10, or have attended one of Terri's previous "Past-Life Exploration" workshops or a Spirit Junction meeting with the theme of past lives.

Workshop Details:

Location:   "Spirit Guidance and Healing Center"  (137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803)

Workshop Fee:  $130 for full training, $35 for Past-Life Exploration only, $95 for Past-Life Regression Training only

Registration:  Please e-mail Terri & Desiree Dennis, at to sign-up.  

Payment by credit card can be made in advance below or given at the time of the training in the form of cash, credit card, or check payable to "Terri Dennis."

Pay by Credit Card:

 (There will be no refunds available for "no-shows," so please let us know in advance if you will be unable to make it.