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"Happy Medium" Tank-Tops, T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Tees, Mugs, Notebooks, & More!

Lots of Vibrant Colors to Choose From!

The tank-top, T-shirt, & long sleeve tee are each available in 9 or more colors!  Open each item to scroll through the color options and find your favorites.

* No Return Policy for All Printify Products!

Desiree & Terri's original designs are being printed with a company called Printify.  Printify is a print-on-demand company, which means that all products are unique and produced only once ordered. This means that returns and exchanges are not supported at this time.  (In case of a damaged product or a manufacturing error, Printify offers a free replacement or a refund if you contact them within 30 days of product delivery.)

Meditation CDs...  

"Angel Sanctuary" 

by the Dennis Family

Ethereal & meditative vocal harmonies, tones, & chants with singing bowl, violin, acoustic guitar & percussion.

- Desiree Dennis - Vocals, Singing Bowl, Sacred Drum

- Terri Dennis - Vocals

- Emily Dennis - Vocals, Violin, Singing Bowl, Maraca

- Zac Dennis - Guitar & Djembe

Listen to Track 3 from "Angel Sanctuary" Below!

Ariel's Aria (feat. Emily Dennis & Zachary Dennis)
The Dennis Family (Angel Sanctuary)

($15 + shipping)


"Sacred Reunions:  Guided Meditations 
by Terri & Desiree Dennis" 

Relax to the soothing voice of Terri Dennis as she leads you through 3 guided meditations, accompanied by original music 

by Desiree Dennis.  (Over 75 minutes of meditation!)

Track Listing...

1.  "Four Element:  Grounding & Clearing Meditation"  (18:09)

2.  "Sacred Space:  Meet Your Spirit Guidance Team"  (20:33)

3.  "Journey to the Past:  Past Life Regression"  (39:12)

($15 + shipping)


New!  "Flight of the Firefly:  Magic Meditations for Kids"
by Terri Dennis

For Children Ages 5 - 12 & Magic Lovers of All Ages!  


Track Listing...

1.  "Flight of the Firefly"      (15:02)

2.  "Gifts from the Jungle"  (22:08)

3.  "Land of Light"               (25:01)

4.  "Kindness Crusader"     (12:57)


($15 + shipping)



Card Decks...

"Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, and Wellbeing" 
(Deck #1)


     This unique deck of 52 cards was designed to uplift your spirit and encourage beneficial manifestation in your life path. The front of each card includes copies of original paintings by Terri Dennis, Creator of “Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, and Well-Being.” The Chinese symbols on the front of each card are the title of each work and represent the general theme of the affirmation on the back of each card. You may choose to use the deck in order or try randomly selecting a card and observing if that card resonates with you for that day!

($20 + shipping)

"Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, & Wellbeing" (Deck #2)

 "Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, & Wellbeing - Deck #2" was created in response to loving feedback Terri received from her first card deck.  She has come to see that the cards truly have a "life of their own" and in a sense seem to "know" or "empathically feel" what card a person may benefit from on a particular day!  She hopes you will enjoy this additional deck with 52 brand-new cards and affirmations!   

($20 + shipping)


"Kind Card Deck -
Positive Action Cards"

       This beautiful deck of 50 cards was designed to encourage or inspire a positive action that could be offered to yourself or the world in one day.  Three generations have collaborated to create these unique cards; Terri's "heart child" was kindled by her strong desire to promote kindness and compassion, an idea that resonated deeply with her daughter, Desiree (Co-Creator of Kind Cards) and mother, Tina (Nature Photographer).  


      Positive Action Cards include practical suggestions for acts of kindness toward ourselves or others, nature activities, creative play, meditations, visualizations, and ceremonies to honor our ancestors; as well as ideas for manifestation, mindfulness, forgiveness, positive self-image, and gratitude.

($20 + shipping)

"Kind Cards for Kids:  Positive Action Cards for Kindness Crusaders" 

    This delightful deck of 50 cards was designed to inspire children (ages 8 years and up) to take positive actions that can be offered to themselves, their family, their peers, or the world in one day.

    Includes practical suggestions for acts of kindness, positive peer & family interaction, nature appreciation; as well as ideas for positive self-image, forgiveness, generosity, & gratitude.

    Cards created by 3 generational team of Terri Dennis, Desiree Dennis, and Tina Dionne. 

($20 + shipping)


"Mystic Resonance" Artistry...

"Mystic Resonance Notecards"  
(Set of 5)

Choose from 2 lovely sets of blank note cards with copies of Terri's original paintings on the cover.  

    Set #1 includes: "Joy," "Prosperity," "Serenity,"  "Dance," & "Life"

    Set #2 includes: "Happiness," "Love," "Dream," "Harmony," &      


($10 for Set of 5 + shipping)

"Mystic Resonance Magnets"

Choose from 6 unique magnets (2.5" x 3.5") with copies of Terri's original paintings on the front.  

Magnets include: "Gratitude," "Laughter," "Joy," "Prosperity," "Happiness," & "Dream".

($5 + shipping)

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