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Discover your Personal Spirit Animals in a Private Session with Terri!

What is a Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animals are benevolent animal entities that can offer profound guidance and spiritual protection to their chosen loved ones on Earth. Everyone has at least one core Spirit Animal, often referred to as an "Animal Totem," that is with us from birth until we pass on. As we journey through life, other Spirit Animals may choose to join us to offer their wisdom and strengths to whatever "projects" we are undertaking.

Every Spirit Animal has particular qualities and beneficial attributes that they can offer us to help fortify our being, such as courage, patience, perseverance, wisdom, playfulness, social aspects, or nurturing qualities. As Master Teachers, spirit animals not only share and impart their particular strengths to us, but they also instruct us in discovering, developing, and fully embodying these valuable traits within our own being. Over the millennia, Spirit Animals have become the fullest, most capable versions of themselves, and they want to assist humans in reaching their fullest potentials as well.

"I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful experience the other day. I appreciate the time, effort and love that you put into such a beautiful session for me. I have been feeling all of those energies ever since and it is heartwarming. Below is a picture that I painted of me and Louise, hopefully I captured her essence. This is how her energy feels to me."

- Amanda Trama, PhD  (Long Beach, CA)

What is involved in a private session with Terri?

I.  Spirit Animal(s) Identification - First, Terri will share with you any of your personal Spirit Animals that have made themselves known to her during her meditations before your reading. (Usually, 3 - 4 Spirit Animals for each individual will present themselves.) She will then discuss some of the strengths and qualities of the Spirit Animals that have chosen you.  Terri will then relay any of your Spirit Animals' opening messages, as well as ways you can develop your relationship further with your Spirit Animals.  During this time, Terri will also share any other intuitive messages that have come through for you during her pre-reading meditations, which may include information about your past-lives or any other messages from other Spiritual Guides.

II.  Session consultation - Next, Terri will discuss with you any subjects that you may want to receive guidance from your Spirit Animals, such as challenges you have been facing or any areas in your life that you would like to make forward movement. (You may also want to prepare a few questions in advance of the session that you may want to ask your Spirit Animals.)  You may also ask Terri any questions about Spirit Animals or the process at this time.

III.  Spirit Animal Messages - Terri will then tune into any messages or guidance your spirit animals wish to convey to you at your reading. Your Spirit Animals can address how they are helping you with any challenges you are facing, as well as how they are supporting you in any new paths you are currently taking in your life. You may ask any questions you have to your spirit animals at this time. Sometimes during a reading other spiritual beings or departed loved ones may also visit your session with messages to share with you as well.

"Terri's beautiful gift to shine light in our lives through connecting us with our spirit animals is beyond precious. After a traumatic event followed with two significant life losses of loved ones, my heart and soul searched for meaning and acceptance of such grief. Not until meeting my spirit animals through Terri's crystal clear evidential connection did I come to find some peace in this dark night of the soul for me. I speak with my team of spirit animals daily and know their existence is real through signs and feelings of their presence. Terri's gifts are what the world needs most now, more light and love."

- Marnie from Michigan

"Thank you so much Terri for the most special and healing gift you gave to me in connecting me to my spirit animals and master teacher.  I am so excited to call on my spirit animals and remember the qualities I can draw from.  I feel blessed by your generosity with your energy and time."

- Kintu from Florida

How did Terri develop Spirit Animal communication?

Terri first discovered she had a gift for the clairvoyant "seeing" of Spirit Animals when she attended a mediumship training with James Van Praagh at Omega Institute in 2011. During an exercise of practicing intuitive readings for people in her circle, Terri was shocked to see an enormous grizzly bear standing directly next to the man sitting to her left. Terri informed the man about the grizzly bear she was seeing, and although skeptical at the time, the man had a reading with a professional medium at the workshop's lunch break. After the break, the man came racing in excitedly to inform Terri that the medium had imparted to him during his session with her that his animal totem was a "grizzly bear!" 

Since that time, Terri has had the opportunity to "see" (with clairvoyance) or "hear" (with clairaudience) the names of people's Spirit Animals when she is in a meditative state. Now, Terri is excited to reveal the identity of Spirit Animals that are working with her clients in a private reading, as well as convey their guidance and words of wisdom through their personal messages. Terri will receive help with her readings from her own Spirit Animal - a powerful, nurturing, female black bear. Terri's nickname, "Mama Bear," was inspired by her close connection with her Animal Totem, and the merging with her bear's maternal spirit that occurs during her readings.

(Terri has further advanced her training in Shamanic studies with world-renowned Shamans, Llyn Roberts and John Perkins at Omega Institute in New York. Terri will also be studying with indigenous elders in the Mayan Shamanic tradition in Guatemala during March - April of 2019.)


-Terri Dennis (a.k.a "Mama Bear")
 with 2 month old bear cub

"I had a very wonderful experience during my Spirit Animal Session with Terri Dennis.  It was very insightful and very detailed!  Definite synchronicities. She invests a lot of time preparing for your session."  

- Dan from Pennsylvania

"I'd like you to know how much I enjoyed this different and interesting reading.  I'm reading my notes and will try to be aware of the various areas where I may receive guidance or support from these specific animal guides of mine. It's a whole new arena of spirit guidance!"

- Julie from U.S.A

Scheduling Information:  

* What is the rate for a Spirit Animal Reading?

  • One-Hour Session - $150 

Do I need to come in-person for a session?

No, sessions can be held over the phone, as well as in-person at Terri’s home.  (Therefore, clients do not need to be local to State College, PA to benefit from a session.)

  - Terri’s location (for in-person sessions): 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803

  - Terri’s contact # (for phone sessions):    (814) 404-5420 (Please call Terri at the time of your session.)

How can I schedule a Spirit Animal session?

To schedule a session, please click here to visit Terri's scheduling page.  You may also email Terri at spiritguidance33@gmail.com to request a session time.  Please indicate times you are available from the schedule below:

Monday:       10:00 am - 5:00 pm   

Tuesday:      10:00 am - 8:00 pm  

Wednesday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Thursday:    10:00 am - 8:00 pm  

Friday:          12:00 pm - 4:00 pm   

Sunday:        10:00 am - 4:00 pm   

* How do I make payment? 

In-Person Sessions:  Payment can be made by cash or check payable to "Terri Dennis".

Phone Sessions:  Please mail check payable to "Terri Dennis" to 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803 prior to your session.  


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