Spirit Guidance Sessions...

What can be expected in a typical spirit guidance session?  

Before each spiritual guidance session, Desiree states a prayer of intent to surround the experience with light and protection.  She then invites the spirits who are linked to the session recipient to speak with her.  The spirits who come in to communicate may be the person's "spirit guides" --spiritual beings who are assigned to assist and guide a person throughout their lifetime-- and/or loved ones who have passed on.  A spirit guidance session can give someone the opportunity to have a joyful reunion with their family member or friend who now lives on the Other Side.  Desiree has been a bridge to help people reconnect to their departed parents, spouses, children, grandparents, friends, etc.  She will convey the relationship that each spirit whom arrives has to the person and describe the appearance of the light beings as they show themselves to her.

More often than not, spirit guides and relatives will be eager to share "opening messages" with their dear one on earth.  From there, the individual partaking in the session is free to either ask their prepared questions or continue listening to the advice the spirits have to offer them.  Questions are encouraged, and may be asked during any point of the session.


What will the spirits talk about, and what questions can be asked?  

The guidance that is communicated through spirit communication traverses every subject imaginable.  Common topics of conversation include life path/purpose, family, career, finances, health, love relationships, etc.  Spirits will also often give ideas and suggestions as to how to ease stress and increase the enjoyment of one's time on earth.  On occasion, they will offer a glimpse of potential future events to come in a person's life, though they tell that these forecasts are not set in stone.  Any future situation can be open to change based off of the decisions we make everyday.  The spirits read what is most likely to occur based on one's current position in their life.  Additionally, it is comforting to know that spirits are considerate of the fact that a person may not want to discuss certain aspects of their life. Therefore, they will generally not bring up more sensitive subjects unless asked first.    

 All questions are welcome.  No question is too trivial to be brought up to one's spiritual guides and relatives.  Frequently, session recipients will inquire about how to solve the problems they are having with important people in their life.  In addition, inquiries are regularly made on how to find a job more fulfilling, meaningful, and financially rewarding to the individual.  Advice from spirit is given lovingly and from a pure perspective that gives a refreshing clarity to these issues.  If a loved one has passed, the person will usually wonder as to how their relative/friend is doing.  Many times, the spirits share one-of-a-kind memories that occurred in their joint life experience with their family member/friend on earth.  They will use these memoirs as "validations" to confirm that their spirit lives on, and continues to look out for their family/friends on earth .