Spirit Junction Meetings...

What is Spirit Junction?

A monthly forum for community sharing, discussion, & spiritual exploration!  In each meeting, the group delves into an event-specific theme announced each month by Terri & Desiree. (Community members are welcome to contribute input into potential spiritual topics of their interest.)

"Spirit Junction" activities include:

* Energy & Sound Healing
* Guided Meditations
* Spirit Channelings 
* Intuitive Practice Circles
* Past-Life Explorations
* Music & Poetry
* Nature Hikes & Picnics
* Guest Speakers
   And More!

Next Spirit Junction Meeting...

Sunday, October 20, 2019,  6 pm - 8 pm

Theme of the Month:  
"How to Read Stars:  An Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology"
    with Guest Presenter, Sarah Quinn

We are very excited to have astrologer, Sarah Quinn as our guest facilitator for our October Spirit Junction meeting!

**SPECIAL NOTE: Sarah has suggested that you bring along your information about your sun sign, rising (ascendant) sign, and moon sign for the meeting!  This is optional, but will add to your personal understanding and fun!  If you don't know this information you can use the following website to find this info: www.astro.com  (Go first to the tab "Free Horoscopes," and next under "Drawings and Calculations" press "Natal Chart, Ascendant." Fill-out the data requested to get your free natal chart! You will need to know the time and place of your birth!  You may want to print your chart.)

Event Details

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • What astrology really is and where it comes from 
  • How this spiritual tool can help us know ourselves and navigate life
  • The unique lens of evolutionary astrology: understanding the evolution of the soul over the course of past, present, and future lifetimes 
  • The twelve astrological archetypes and why you are so much more than your sun sign
  • Orientation to the natal chart and the questions it can help us answer 
  • The difference between sun, moon, and rising signs - and all the other planets, too!
  • Activities and practices that connect us to the stars and help us make our unconscious evolution a joyful and mindful process 

Date:  Sunday, October 20, 2019

Time:  6:00 - 8:00 pm 

Event Location:  137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803

Cost:  $10 (Cash or check at the door)

What to Bring:  
- Please bring your information from www.astro.com (or please know your sun, rising, & moon sign.)  (optional)
- A blanket/ pillow for comfort (optional)
- Any crystals to support the gathering (optional)
(Please note: There will not be a potluck at this meeting!  We will have a potluck @ our Nov. meeting.)

RSVP:  Space is limited & spots are likely to fill for this meeting!  Please e-mail Desiree & Terri at spiritguidance33@gmail.com to reserve your spot. 

About Sarah Quinn...

Sarah has studied stars, symbolic language, and consciousness at Yale, Penn State, and now with leading evolutionary astrologer and researcher Maurice Fernandez, who offers a three-year professional certification program in astrological counseling. In fact, she’s just back from a week long chart analysis and counseling skills intensive in the Sedona desert with Maurice, her evolutionary astrology cohort, and only a few tarantulas! She is also an ecstatic student of many forms of magic, mysticism, and energy medicine, including Iyengar and kundalini yogas; plant spirit medicine, herbalism, and homeopathy; Reiki, applied theatre, and shamanic healing; and the intersections of global esoteric traditions and modern psychotherapy. 

Combining experience in crisis counseling and gender equality advocacy with shadow integration, energy work, and intuitive development techniques, Sarah provides trauma-informed, identity-inclusive healing services to fellow travelers on the path of spiritual understanding. She is currently accepting a limited number of clients at special introductory rates as she continues to study and develop her practice! She‘s in the process of creating an online home to support this work - in the meantime, drop a line to sarahcolequinn@gmail.com to book a session or receive details about upcoming offerings.

2019 Spirit Junction Meetings...

I.   Creating Unity & Healing the Global Heart 
      With Guest Presenter, Alise Christie
      January 13, 2019  -  6 pm - 8 pm  ($10)

II.  "Sound Healing Meditation"  
      With Guest Presenter, Angela Miele
      March 17, 2019  -  6 pm - 8 pm  ($10)

III.  "Connecting with the Divine Feminine"
       With Guest Presenter, Gaby Winqvist      
       May 19, 2019  -  6 pm - 8 pm ($10)

IV.  "Community Healing Night" & Potluck 
       With Guest Presenters, Alise Christie and Darcy Wilson
       September 15, 2019  -  6 pm - 8:30 pm ($10)

V.  "How to Read Stars: An Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology"
      With Guest Presenter, Sarah Quinn
      October 20, 2019  -  6 pm - 8 pm  ($10)

VI.  "Intuitive and Healing Arts Practice Night" & Potluck
       With Guest Presenter, Joan Sloyer
       November 17, 2019  -  6 pm - 8 pm ($10)
Please e-mail us at spiritguidance33@gmail.com if you are interested in being a presenter at an upcoming meeting!

General Spirit Junction Information
  • All meetings to take place at 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803 unless otherwise indicated above. 
  •  Please e-mail Terri & Desiree at spiritguidance33@gmail.com to reserve your space.  

  •  Dates / times are subject to change.