Join Desiree for a riveting journey into the world of Spirit Mediumship...

Spirit Mediumship Training
with Desiree Dennis
Fall, 2021

Dear Spirit Guidance and Healing Family,

     Over the years, I have received countless inquiries from individuals wishing to learn how to further develop their ability to communicate with the Other Side.  With these heartfelt requests in mind, it was my great joy to offer my first ever “Spirit Mediumship Training” in State College, PA in Fall, 2019.  I was blown away by the beautiful and meaningful connections with spirit that occurred throughout the training, and the amazing friendships that developed between the trainees over just a few weekends together.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this training again in Fall, 2021...

     A spirit medium provides a healing bridge between this world and the next...passing on light-filled messages and guidance from spirits on the Other Side.  It is my sincere belief that spirit mediumship is a skill that everyone can learn if one is willing to dedicate the time and energy involved to develop this gift.  During this training, it is my intention to create a supportive and empowering space for spirit communication to blossom...where each student can discover their own unique methods of receiving messages from the Spirit World.   

     Spirit Mediumship Training will be spread out into three levels - progressing from the basics of spirit communication to learning the skills to conduct a full mediumship reading!  (Read below for a thorough breakdown of what we will be covering in each level.)  I cannot wait to share and grow with you all!

       With love, 


"This weekend was so incredible for me. I found that I was really going out of my comfort zone, but had success as we went along. In the end, I couldn’t believe the abilities Desiree had drawn out of me. Other people I spoke with had the same experience. She did such an amazing job, and created a very relaxed, comfortable & safe environment."  

- Joni  (Spirit Mediumship Training Level 1 & 2 Attendee)

Level 1 - "Moving into Mediumship"

* Saturday, October 16, 2021:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm

 Level 1 Training Fee$150

Class Limit - 16 people

In this immersive training, we will delve into the fundamentals of Spirit Mediumship and learn techniques to create a strong energetic foundation for spirit communication.  We will discuss the essentials of how to identify the spirits who are coming to talk to you and receive basic messages from the Other Side.  In a safe and supportive setting, we will practice our mediumship together in several fun partner exercises throughout the day.  Desiree will also share multiple take-home exercises so you may continue practicing your mediumship at home!  (There is no experience required for Level 1 training!  All experience levels are welcome!)


Level 1 Spirit Mediumship Training Will Include...

  • How does a spirit medium receive information from the Spirit World?
  • 4-Step Preparation Process to Communicate with Spirit
  • Desiree's "3 Keys to Mediumship"
  • Spirit Meet & Greet Exercise
  • Basic tools to identify the spirits that are coming to talk to you
  • Practice receiving feelings, images, smells, sounds, tastes from the Other Side
  • Chakra healing to open your mediumship
  • "Common Spirit Communication Challenges and Tools to Solve Them"
  • How to receive basic messages from Spirit
  • How to receive answers from spirit to specific questions you ask
  • How to create a sacred space to practice mediumship at home
  • Q & A with Desiree
  • Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Level 1 & 2 Training Manual
  • And more! 

Level 2 - "Facilitating Reunions &
Receiving Spiritual Guidance"

Sunday, October 17, 2021:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm

 Level 2 Training Fee - $175

Class Limit - 16 people

When you begin to explore Spirit Mediumship, you have the opportunity of assisting others in two incredible ways.  The first is the privilege of facilitating a reunion between the person on Earth you are reading for and their spirit loved ones on the Other Side.  The second is receiving and passing on the wealth of guidance the spirits have to offer about many aspects of our life on this planet - from our spiritual life purpose to relationship advice.  In Level 2 training, we will discover and practice both of these beneficial aspects of mediumship in a clear and structured format.  Through group discussion and numerous exercises, we will expand the possibilities of the information and healing we can receive from the Other Side.

Pre-Requisite:  "Level 1 Spirit Mediumship Training" with Desiree, OR previous basic spirit communication training / experience (*If you have attended previous spirit communication classes with Desiree & Terri or another spirit medium, it is possible that you may wish to go straight to Level 2.  Please contact Desiree to determine if you have the required experience to skip directly to Level 2.  For the most thorough training and foundation in Spirit Mediumship, Desiree would recommend attending all 3 levels.)


Level 2 Spirit Mediumship Training Will Include...

  • Introduction to Desiree's "Rainbow Grid" (A unique method of identifying multiple spirit loved ones in one sitting)
  • "List of 3” Exercise  (A technique to receive 3 short & helpful messages from the spirits)
  • How to give a "Guidance Mini-Reading" about a specific topic (i.e. Life Path, Spiritual Goals, Relationships, Career, Past-Lives & more!)
  • How to facilitate a basic "Reunion Mini-Reading" to pass on healing & validating messages from a person's departed loved ones
  • Tips to grow your spirit mediumship abilities
  • How to be a responsible spirit medium
  • Q & A with Desiree
  • And more! 


Level 3 - "Becoming a Practicing Medium"

Saturday & Sunday, November 6 & 7, 2021
9:30 am - 5:30 pm  (2-Day Immersion)

 Level 3 Training Fee - $375

Class Limit - 12 people

This empowering training is designed for those who wish to dive more deeply into the practice of mediumship for friends, family & potential future clients.  We will discuss how to tie together the multitude of techniques we learned in Level 1 & 2 to create and offer a full mediumship reading.  Desiree will share valuable knowledge she has learned in her 10+ years practicing spirit mediumship, including important tips for working with clients & spirits alike!  Throughout this two-day immersion, we will have lots of opportunities for Q & A, group discussion, mediumship demonstrations, healing meditations, & practice time.  As a culmination of the training, each student will also have the special opportunity to offer a 30 minute reading to their own "practice client" invited to class on Day 2.  If you wish to commit to a path of offering mediumship sessions as a healing service to others, this is the training for you!    

Pre-Requisite:  "Level 1 & 2 Spirit Mediumship Training" with Desiree, OR previous intermediate level spirit communication training & experience (*If you have attended many previous spirit communication classes and / or you are already practicing spirit mediumship regularly for yourself and others, it is possible that you may wish to go directly to Level 3.  Please contact Desiree to determine if you have the required experience to skip directly to Level 3.  For the most thorough training and foundation in Spirit Mediumship, Desiree would recommend attending all 3 levels)


Level 3 Training Will Include...

  • How to structure a complete "Guidance Reading" & "Reunion Reading"
  • The yin & yang approach to mediumship 
  • Developing your mediumship style
  • Self-Love & Empowerment Meditation 
  • What are the challenges to mediumship work, and how can we go past them?
  • The ethics of mediumship
  • How to be a healthy & balanced spirit medium
  • How to prepare for a spirit mediumship client 
  • The opportunity to do a 30 minute reading for a “practice client” invited to the class
  • Q & A Forums (Where you will have the opportunity to ask your personal mediumship questions to Desiree & the group)
  • Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Level 3 Training Manual
  • Level 3 Spirit Mediumship Training Certificate
  • And much more! 


Spirit Mediumship Training Details
& Registration Information...

Location:  “Spirit Guidance & Healing Center” (137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA)

Training Fees:   Level 1 - $150;  Level 2 - $175;  Level 3 - $375

Payment:  Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card at the time of each training.  

COVID-19 Information:  After much consideration, we have decided to require COVID vaccinations in order to attend our Fall workshops & trainings. We will ask attendees to show us their vaccination cards via a photo sent by email, a photo on their phone at the event, or their physical card. We will be following current CDC guidance and local ordinances for our workshops in terms of masking and gathering sizes. Since this guidance is subject to change, please check future emails for updates closer to the workshop dates.  (If you are not fully vaccinated at this time and you are interested in receiving training, it may be possible to schedule a private training with Desiree or Terri. Please contact us at for more information.)

Registration:  Class size will be limited to 16 people for Level 1 & 2, and 12 people for Level 3!  To reserve your spot, please fill out the sign-up form below.   (You may also e-mail Desiree at  Please indicate which training levels and dates you wish to attend!) 

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