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  Read below for descriptions of Desiree & Terri's current "Intuitive Development" and "Energy Healing" Workshops.  If you are interested in these classes being brought to your area, 

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Intuitive Development Workshops:

"Exploring Your Divine Channel" - Beginning / Intermediate Intuitive Class

     This beginner’s class teaches a step-by-step approach to spiritual communication. Workshop participants learn the sacredness of their inner “channel” or connection to the divine, and how this internal space can be utilized for receiving messages in their daily lives.  

(No experience necessary.  Class length:  3 hours)

Learn to...

-  Create an energetic frequency of openness & readiness for spirit communication 

-  Utilize your six metaphysical senses 

-  Use “automatic writing” for retrieving information from the divine

-  Receive messages from spirit for other people through fun and basic exercises

"Moving into Mediumship" - Intermediate / Advanced Intuitive Class

    In this intermediate / advanced class, workshop participants will receive in-depth tools and techniques for the practice of “spirit mediumship.”  The sacred process of mediumship allows one to communicate with spirit guides and spirit loved ones who have passed on to the Other Side. Information shared in this workshop can aid you in receiving spirit guidance for yourself, or becoming a medium for other people on Earth wishing to connect with the spirit world. This workshop will also include time at the end for participants to practice mediumship with a partner in an open & nurturing environment. 

(Participation in a previous workshop with Desiree, and/or prior basic experience with intuitive work is recommended for this workshop.  However, Desiree is open to teaching people of all levels of intuitive awareness and has found that even beginners will often surprise themselves at their innate spirit communication abilities!  Class length:  3 hours)

Learn to...

- Feel & identify the distinct presences of spirit guides & spirit loved ones for yourself & others

- Create a "rainbow grid" to aid in the identification of spirit loved ones

- Deepen ability to communicate and receive messages from spirit

- Move past the barriers of the mind for greater clarity of spirit communication

"What a delight!  I appreciated each of the four separate workshops enough to stand alone, and together a rich tapestry of high vibrational tools for living a more expansive, joyful life."

Helen, Founder of "The Joy Center," and 2012 Workshop Attendee 


Energy Healing Workshops:

"Healing Your Rainbow Body" - Chakra Healing Workshop 

    In this class, participants will explore the mystical properties of the pendulum for a unique, hands-on chakra discovery experience.  Participants will develop an understanding of the “energy body,” and how knowledge of the chakras can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health in an interactive and supportive environment. Toning and basic intuitive hands-on energy work will also be included.

(No experience necessary.  Class length:  3 hours) 

"Awakening Anahata" - Energy Healing Workshop

   "Anahata," commonly known as the heart chakra, is the Sanskrit word which means "unhurt," "unstruck" and "unbeaten."  This workshop will focus on releasing old conscious and unconscious emotional energy blockages in Anahata through meditation & hands-on healing techniques.  

(No experience necessary.  Class length:  3 hours)


Learn to...

-Utilize the deep healing power of the heart chakra in self-healing and partner healing practices

-Create an “energy drawing” to discover what is happening in your subtle body

-Clear emotional energy blockages to promote spiritual wellness

"Re-Awakening Your Eternal Vibration" - Intro. to Shamanism

    Re-awaken your loving vibration in this joyous class devoted to bringing us back in touch with our inner light.  Throughout the class, we will be practicing shamanic rituals, and create a positive vibration circle.  We will also take part in shamanic journeying exercises including animal totem retrieval. 

(No experience necessary.  Class length:  3 hours)

“What a deeply enjoyable engagement with spirit. Desiree brings so much light forth that one is left with no choice but to join the symphony of light and sing with inner shining. 

This weekend was a chorus of deep love.”

-Jane, 2012 Workshop Attendee

Other Workshops & Events:

"Evening of Light"  
Public Spirit Channeling of Quan Yin, Guided Meditation,
& Community Reiki Energy & Sound Healing 

  * Desiree's Public Spirit Channeling of Quan Yin  (30 - 45 min.) 

    For the first part of the evening, enjoy Desiree's channeled messages from the spirit master teacher, Quan Yin.  Audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions to Quan Yin, & receive her guidance.  A perfect time to introduce family and friends to the light of spirit channeling!  

Click here to learn more about Desiree's public channelings.

  * Terri's Guided Meditation  (15 min.) 

  * Intermission (with Art & KindHeart Product Sale)  (15 min.)

  * Community Reiki Energy & Sound Healing  (60 - 75 min.) 

    Join Terri & Desiree as they facilitate a community healing experience including Reiki energy & sound healing.  All assembled will work together to give hands-on healing to each other, and also have the opportunity to receive healing energy from multiple people at once.  The hands-on healing will be enhanced by sound healing with singing bowls, as well as group toning (singing.)  

    All levels of energy healing practitioners welcome!  If you have never experienced & given energy healing, this will be a wonderful introduction to the process.  

(No experience necessary.  Event length:  2 - 2.5 hours)

"Evolving into Oneness Consciousness"

    Expand and rejoice in this loving workshop that encourages an awakening into a new Oneness consciousness for the healing of our world.  We will utilize the arts, music, movement, nature, & guided meditation as vehicles to understanding and experiencing the Oneness.  The workshop will conclude with a channeled message from the spirit master teacher Quan Yin on the subject of Divine Oneness.
(No experience necessary.  Class length:  3 hours)

Learn to...

- Experience your spirit as a sacred droplet in the Divine ocean
- Invoke sacred chants and elemental breath for Onenessawareness
- Put on “Oneness” glasses to create a new perspective of our world
- Connect more deeply with All That Is

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