Special Youth Workshop!  

Exploring Healing Energy:  Unveiling the Magic & Mystery of Our Chakras

with Desiree & Terri Dennis in State College, PA

Friday, November 10, 2017 

Two Age Groups 


Ages 6 to 10 yrs:      4:15 pm - 5:30 pm   ($20)
Ages 11 to 16 yrs:    6 pm - 8 pm              ($25)

In this class, youth will explore the mystical properties of the crystal pendulum for a unique, hands-on chakra discovery experience.  In a fun, interactive, and supportive environment, participants will develop an understanding of the “Energy Body,” and learn how a knowledge of the chakra centers can promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  

Youth Will Learn:  

How to use a crystal pendulum as an intuitive tool for personal guidance
How their favorite colors and emotional states connect with their chakra system
How to use a pendulum to locate chakras with a partner
How to detect if a chakra energy center is imbalanced or blocked
How to use food, color, and visualizations to strengthen their chakras
- How to use techniques such as vocal toning and energy healing to 
   balance chakras in themselves and others


Location:   "Spirit Guidance and Healing Center"  (137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803)

Workshop Fee:  $20 for Ages 6-10 yrs,  $25 for Ages 11-16 yrs     

                          (Payment can be made at the time of the training in the form of cash or check 

                           payable to "Desiree Dennis.")

Registration:  Space is limited!  Please e-mail Terri & Desiree Dennis, at spiritguidance33@gmail.com to sign-up.    

                        Please include the name and age of the child you are registering.