Upcoming Youth Classes...

     (Ages 6-10 & 11-16)   
     November 10, 2017 in State College, Pennsylvania

Youth Class Descriptions...

Youth "Intro. to Reiki" Class  (2 Hours)

In this class, youth will be introduced to the deeply healing practice of Reiki as a method of promoting health & well-being for themselves and others.  Training will include a Reiki I Attunement.  

Youth will learn:

- The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick, and how Reiki heals 
- A brief history of Reiki
- The basic Reiki hand positions for both self treatment and healing others
- Gassho meditation 
- Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate areas needing healing
- Kenyoku: Dry bathing, a method to purify your energy field

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Youth Intuitive Development Workshop (2 Hours)


In this fun & interactive course, youth will learn how to connect with their spirit guides & Higher Self.  We will practice setting an intention, grounding ourselves, & opening our chakras in preparation to connect with spirit.  Then, we will engage in partner & group exercises to practice our intuitive abilities.  


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Exploring Healing Energy:  Unveiling the Magic & Mystery of Our Chakras  (1.5 - 2 Hours)

In this class, youth will explore the mystical properties of the crystal pendulum for a unique, hands-on chakra discovery experience.  In a fun, interactive, and supportive environment, participants will develop an understanding of the “energy body,” and learn how a knowledge of the chakra centers can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  

Youth Will Learn:  

- How to use a crystal pendulum as an intuitive tool for personal guidance

- How their favorite colors and emotional states connect with their chakra system

- How to use a pendulum to locate chakras with a partner

- How to detect if a chakra energy center is imbalanced or blocked

- How to use food, color, and visualizations to strengthen their chakras

- How to use techniques such as vocal toning and energy healing to balance chakras in themselves and others

**  To inquire about Desiree & Terri offering this workshop in your area please Contact Us!