What is a session with Desiree like?  

In a typical session, Desiree will begin by speaking a prayer of intention while playing a singing bowl.  She will then ask for all spirit guides, spirit loved ones, angels, and Master Teachers who wish to communicate with you to enter the space.  As the spirits come in, she will let you know who is there and what their opening messages are for you.  The reading then unfolds from there.  
Read below for some tips about potential options for your session.  

Three Important Things to Know During a "Spirit Guidance Session" with Desiree...

1.  Ask questions at any time.  These could be questions about something the spirit guides said that you wish to ask for more information about, or personal inquiries about certain areas of your life that you wish to receive guidance from them on. (i.e. life path, career, relationships) 

2.  The future is not set in stone.  The spirits make it clear that we always have free will in all of our choices, therefore the future is always subject to change based on the decisions we make all of the time.  Anything spirit may have to say about the future is simply a possibility or suggestion.  

3.  Feel free to invite in additional spirit loved ones, guides, and Master Teachers.  Sometimes a spirit is not able to make themselves known to Desiree on their own.  This could be because the spirit has recently passed on, or for another reason.  However, Desiree has found that many times, once the spirit being is called in by their loved one on Earth, the spirit is able to communicate. If a loved one you would like to connect with is not present, simply say to Desiree, "I would like to invite in (spirit's name or relationship to you)" and she will see if it is possible for them to come in for the reading.  (Desiree cannot guarantee that a particular relative or loved one will be able to come in during the reading.)