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Spirit Mediumship Readings with Desiree

Phone, Zoom, & In-Person Sessions

What is a Spirit Medium?

A spirit medium is a person who communicates with spiritual entities who have passed on to the Other Side…creating a sacred bridge between this world and the next.  With this strong connection to the Spirit World, a spirit medium is able to facilitate reunions between people on Earth and their departed loved ones.  Through passing on messages of healing and validation, a medium assists people in moving through tragic loss and grief by giving them the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are safe and at peace on the Other Side.  A medium can also share the illuminative messages of spiritual guidance from Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, Angels, Spirit Animals, Pets, and more.   


In Desiree’s mediumship practice, she allows her clients to engage in a two-way dialogue with the spirits they are contacting.  It is a bit like Desiree is “on the phone” with the spirits and she is communicating what the spirits are saying to her client on Earth.  If a client wants to ask a question, Desiree will pass on the inquiry to the spirits, listen for their answer, pass their response back to the person, and carry on in this way throughout the conversation.  The term “medium” becomes quite appropriate in this context because the spirit medium is quite literally the person “in the middle”! 

What is Desiree’s Experience During a Spirit Mediumship Reading? 

Desiree enters a deep state of meditation when she communicates with the Spirit World.  From this relaxed space, she opens her mind and chakra energy centers to be receptive to the impressions that the spirits wish to send to her.  She internally receives telepathic messages from spirit in the form of mental visions, specific words, and concepts that enter her mind as the spirits communicate with her.  In addition, she experiences pleasant physical sensations and energetic feelings that help her to confirm what is coming through.  (She even receives smells & tastes from the Other Side occasionally!)  Desiree then combines this rich tapestry of information from spirit into a coherent message, and delivers the message to her client.

What Can Be Expected in a Typical Spirit Mediumship Reading? 

At the beginning of each Spirit Mediumship Reading, Desiree states a prayer of intent to surround the experience with light and protection.  She then invites the spirits who are linked to the reading recipient to energetically connect with her so contact can be initiated.  The spirits who join in to communicate may be the client's Higher Self (an aspect of a person’s spirit that is still present on the Other Side as they are simultaneously living life on Earth), Spirit Guides (spiritual beings who are assigned to assist and guide a person throughout their lifetime), Master Teachers,  Spirit Loved Ones, Angels, Pets, and more.  Desiree will spend the first portion of the reading conveying how each spirit present is related to the client and describing the personality / appearance of the spirits as they show themselves to her.

Once the spirits have arrived and introduced themselves, they are usually eager to share opening messages with their dear one on Earth.  From there, Desiree begins to facilitate a back-and-forth conversation between her client and the spirits who wish to communicate with them.  The individual partaking in the reading is free to ask their own questions or continue listening to the multitude of messages the spirits have to offer them.  (Questions are encouraged, and may be asked during any point of the session.)  

Some readings are centered around the spirits offerings guidance and others are focused on the reunion between the client and their Spirit Loved Ones, while most readings are a combination of the two.   When the spirits are offering guidance, Desiree has found them to be very understanding and non-judgmental of any situation the client may be in.  The spirits will share any advice they have from a place of gentleness and compassion, and will honor the client’s free will to follow-through on the guidance they receive and to determine what resonates with them.  In the reunion aspect of her work, Desiree creates the space for the client and their loved ones in spirit to reconnect, heal, and enjoy each other’s company.  Throughout her years of practicing mediumship, Desiree has served as a bridge to help people contact their departed parents, spouses, children, grandparents, siblings, friends, and more.  


To close the reading, Desiree will give the client the opportunity to ask any final questions they may have and say goodbye to the spirits for the time being.  She ends the reading by offering gratitude to the spirits for all they have shared, and letting go of the connection. 

What Will the Spirits Talk About, and What Questions Can Be Asked?

The guidance that is communicated through spirit mediumship traverses every subject imaginable.  Common topics of conversation include life path & purpose, love, family, career, personal growth & healing, life challenges, past lives, spirituality, relationships, etc.  Spirits will also often give ideas and suggestions as to how to ease stress and increase the enjoyment of one's time on earth.  On occasion, they will offer a glimpse of potential future events to come in a person's life, though they tell that these forecasts are not set in stone.  Any future situation can be open to change based on the decisions we make everyday.  The spirits read what is most likely to occur based on one's current position in their life.  Additionally, it is comforting to know that spirits are considerate of the fact that a person may not want to discuss certain aspects of their life. Therefore, they will generally not bring up more sensitive subjects unless asked first.  


All questions are welcome in a  Spirit Mediumship Reading.  No question is too trivial to be brought up to one's Spirit Guidance Team.  Frequently, reading recipients will inquire about challenges they are having with important people in their life and ask the spirits for insight as to how to relate with them.  In addition, inquiries are regularly made on how to create a career that is more fulfilling, meaningful, and financially rewarding to the individual.  Other times, clients wish to ask broader spiritual & philosophical questions about the meaning of life and our journey as spiritual beings having a human experience. Advice from spirit is given lovingly and from a pure perspective that gives a refreshing clarity to these issues.  


If a loved one has passed, the client will often wonder how their relative or friend is doing, and the spirits are generally quite happy to share about their activities and adventures on the Other Side.  More often than not, the spirits will also share their comments and support about what they have seen happening in the client’s life since their passing.  They may share their perspective on a career change or important life milestone, celebrate a new hobby that the client has started, or share their insight on a grandchild that they never met in the physical world but have been watching over from the Spirit World.  If there is a need for closure or healing around any aspects of the spirit’s life or passing, they will often address these topics with the client as well.  Many times, Spirit Loved Ones will share one-of-a-kind memories that occurred in their joint life experience with the client.  Departed loved ones will use these memoirs as "validations" to confirm that their spirit lives on, and continues to look out for their family & friends on Earth .

What are the Rates for a Spirit Mediumship Reading?

Spirit Mediumship Phone / Zoom Reading Rates:

  • $200 ~ One-Hour Reading

  • $205 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading (w / $5 Digital Recording)

  • $215 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading  (w / $15 CD Recording)

Spirit Mediumship In-Person Reading Rates:

  • $250 ~ One-Hour Reading

  • $255 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading (w / $5 Digital Recording)

  • $265 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading  (w / $15 CD Recording) 

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