Sound Healing Sessions with Terri & Desiree...

    Terri and Desiree Dennis join forces to create a one-of-a-kind energy healing experience.  Through the transformative and revitalizing vibrations of sacred sound, and the deeply relaxing affects of Reiki, Sound Healing Sessions can offer spiritual, emotional, and even physical healing.

    A session begins with a chakra evaluation.  Using a pendulum, Terri determines how chakras are spinning, and whether or not there are any energy "blockages."  Desiree then conducts a "chakra chat" where she find out what the energy centers of the body need to be strengthened.  

    After the evaluation is complete, multiple healing techniques are utilized to bring balance to the energy of the body.  Terri and Desiree's unique method combines Terri's use of Acutonics (healing tuning forks) to energize various meridians, with Reiki, "Angel Singing" (toning,) and singing bowls.

Sessions take place at the "Spirit Guidance and Healing Center."  (137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803.) 

Sound Healing Rates

  • $85 - One Hour Session

To set up a Sound Healing appointment with Terri and Desiree, please e-mail or call (814) 380-1631.