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Guided Meditation Sessions with Terri

In-Person & Phone Sessions

  • Would you like to experience an individual Guided Meditation designed to fit your specific desires and intentions for yourself? 

  • Are you interested in a private healing experience to reduce stress, anxiety, or physical pain in your life?  

  • Would you like help in manifesting your full potential?  

  • Would you like to release mental blockages, remove stagnant energy, and clear your way to a more fulfilling life? 

Terri Dennis, national Guided Meditation facilitator, can offer you individually designed Guided Meditations, suited to your own needs, preferences, and wishes. 

What is Involved in a Private Guided Meditation Session?

Terri will meet with you before each meditation to determine your goals for the session.  Perhaps, you are interested in reducing stress in your life, forgiving a troubled relationship, alleviating physical pain, or developing a positive mindset; Terri will incorporate your intentions into a unique guided meditation created just for you! 


After the short interview to determine your preferences, Terri will lead you through a 20, 30, or 45 minute meditation catered to your specific goals.  You will relax in a comfortable chair and hear the soothing voice of Terri as she guides you through breathing, muscle relaxation, chakra clearing, and visualizations to empower you to reach your predetermined goals for the session. 


(See below for information about “Digital Recordings of Personalized Guided Meditations”)

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and is known for its numerous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Here are some of the widely recognized benefits of meditation:

  1. Stress Reduction:  Meditation helps to activate the body's relaxation response, leading to a reduction in stress hormone levels like cortisol.

  2. Improved Focus and Concentration: Meditation enhances attention and cognitive abilities, leading to improved focus, concentration, and better decision-making skills.

  3. Emotional Well-Being: Regular meditation is associated with a greater sense of emotional stability, increased self-awareness, and a better understanding of one's thoughts and emotions.

  4. Anxiety and Depression Management: Studies suggest that meditation can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by promoting a more positive outlook on life and increasing feelings of well-being.

  5. Better Sleep: Meditation can improve sleep quality and help with insomnia by calming the mind and reducing nighttime rumination.

  6. Enhanced Creativity: Meditation can stimulate creative thinking by opening up new perspectives and encouraging out-of-the-box thoughts.

  7. Increased Self-Awareness: Through meditation, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their habits, and patterns of thought, leading to personal growth and self-improvement.

  8. Lowers Blood Pressure: Consistent meditation can help lower blood pressure and contribute to better cardiovascular health.

  9. Pain Management: Meditation has been found to help individuals cope with chronic pain and improve pain tolerance.

  10. Better Relationships: Meditation can lead to enhanced empathy and compassion, improving communication and fostering healthier relationships with others.

  11. Slower Aging: Studies suggest that meditation may slow down cellular aging and promote longevity.

  12. Improved Immune System: Regular meditation has been associated with a stronger immune system, helping the body defend against illnesses.

  13. Spiritual Growth: For those who pursue meditation as a spiritual practice, it can lead to a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and inner peace.

  14. Anger Management: Meditation can help individuals respond more calmly to frustrating situations, reducing impulsive reactions and anger.

What are the Rates for Guided Meditation Sessions?

Guided Meditation Session Rates:

  • $30 for 20 minutes

  • $40 for 30 minutes

  • $55 for 45 minutes

Additional Offering from Terri!
Custom Guided Meditation Digital Recording...

Your very own digital recording for manifesting your personal desires for healing, transformation, and abundance!

Custom Guided Meditation Digital Recording Package Includes:

  • Half-Hour Consultation with Terri (By Phone or In-Person) ~ During your consultation with Terri, she will assess what elements you would want included in your Guided Meditation recording.  (For example, you may want to focus on manifesting and creating your ideal life, emotional or physical healing, stress relief, empowerment & motivation, positive affirmations, or overflowing abundance, etc. )

  • Custom 40-45 Minute Meditation ~ Terri will develop, write, and record a 40-45 minute meditation designed and catered to your specific intentions and desires.

  • Digital Recording ~ Recordings will be sent to you through text or email when completed!


To schedule your half-hour consultation with Terri for your Custom Guided Meditation Digital Recording, please click here to email her.


Custom Guided Meditation Recording Rate: 

  • $95 for a 40-45 minute Meditation Recording

Schedule a Private Guided Meditation
Session with Terri...

- Terri Dennis

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