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Transformational Life Coaching with Terri

In-Person & Phone Sessions

  • Are you seeking clarity in creating the life you always desired?

  • Could you benefit from a new spark of motivation, strength, or courage to assist you on the next step in your path?

  • Would you benefit from a Life Coach who is caring, supportive of your concerns, and invested in helping you find new solutions to your life challenges?

  • Would you appreciate having a Life Coach to brainstorm strategies, aid you in devising a feasible action plan, and assist you in implementing your goals?

Transformational Life Coaching with Terri Dennis can provide the “helping hand” to expand your personal fulfillment, bring new balance into your life, improve your interpersonal relationships, and enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

What is Life Coaching & How Can I Benefit from Sessions?

Life Coaching is a co-creative process between you and your Life Coach that is meant to assist you in moving forward with any goal you may have in your life.  This can include improving a relationship with a family member or partner, taking steps to achieve career or personal goals, finding balance in your life, or cultivating a new skill or quality of being, such as having more patience, compassion, and understanding.  Life Coaching can also be a means to develop your spiritual life and enhance your emotional well-being.  Life Coaching topics are limitless and every client brings his or her own unique needs, challenges, desires, and aspirations to the table.

During Life Coaching sessions, Terri will completely surround you in a nurturing and supportive energy.  She will listen with complete focus on you and your concerns, and offer a non-judgmental space to help provide clarity, motivation, strength, and courage you need to move forward with your goals.  


You will brainstorm or “heartstorm” together for possible solutions to your challenges and co-create action plans together that you feel are attainable and within your comfort level.  Life Coaching sessions can help you to transform your life and make changes that bring you to a new level of fulfillment and contentment in your life.

What is Involved in a Typical Life Coaching Session?

The Initial Consultation:

Our first session will involve an interview with questions to get to the heart of your concerns, uncover what areas in your life you would like assistance from Terri, and to determine how you can best benefit from Life Coaching at this time.  We will discuss how often you would like to meet based on your current needs and your schedule.  We will construct together an action plan with short-term goals to be carried out before our next meeting.  Terri will answer any questions about the Life Coaching process and provide the encouragement to get you started with your next steps.

Follow-Up Sessions:

Future sessions will start with a recap of the previous session and a discussion on the previous meeting’s action plan and goals set.  Then together, we will determine what “worked well” and what actions might need to be modified in the future plans.  Goals for the next weeks will be discussed and support will be given for the action plan.  Terri will help keep you “on track,” and help you organize your thoughts and intentions.  She will also assist you in taking the initiative to get started in any areas of your life you have previously felt “stuck,” or have procrastinated manifesting in your life.

Follow-up sessions may also include a variety of exercises depending on your personal plan, such as guided meditations, positive affirmations, journaling, creation of “to-do” lists, organizational strategies, etc. 

What are Terri's Areas of Specialty in Life Coaching?

Although the topics that can be discussed in Life Coaching sessions are boundless, Terri can offer special skills in supporting you in the following areas:


  • Career Goals, Career Transitions, & Career Development

  • Motivational Support & Personal Goal Development

  • Parenting & Family Relationships and Concerns

  • Interpersonal/ Partner Relationships & Communication

  • Spiritual Development

What are Terri's Life Coaching Credentials?

  • Life Coach Certification through ExpertRating  (Certified at "Expert Level" in 2016)

  • Human Development & Family Studies, B.S. Degree from Penn State University  (Graduated with "Highest Distinction" in 1991)

  • Counselor for the Big Brother/Big Sister Program of the Centre County Youth Service Bureau   (1991 - 1995)

  • Music Teacher/ Mentor for Children 4 Years Old to Adults  (2004 - 2011)

  • Spirit Guidance and Healing Co-Founder  (2011 - present)

What are the Rates for Life Coaching Sessions?

Transformational Life Coaching Session Rates:

  • $40 for a Half Hour

  • $75 for One Hour 

  • $115 for 1.5 Hours

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- Terri Dennis

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