Past-Life Regression...

  • Have you ever wondered why you have a special connection to a particular time period in history or an exotic culture?  
  • Have you ever felt an incredible affinity for someone you just met in this lifetime and couldn’t understand why?  
  • Are you experiencing an issue or phobia of something that seems to have no rational explanation in your current life?

Past-Life Regression Sessions can help you to uncover answers to these questions and much more!  By reconnecting with your past lives, you gain access to knowledge that can be profoundly healing, transformative, and enlightening to your present life experience. 

* Sessions are In-Person only at 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA, 16803.  

Client Testimonial

     "After years of esoteric study and practice, I decided to undergo past-life regression in order to deepen my self-knowledge and heal some patterns and behaviors which have caused me to struggle in this lifetime.  Upon arrival for my appointment, Terri explained to me the process, and she asked me if there was anything specific I wished to obtain from the regression.  Her friendly nature and warmth made me feel safe to open up to her, which increased the benefits of my session.  When the process began, I felt physically and psychologically comfortable and prepared for the experience.  With her guidance, I explored three lifetimes which all offered insight, healing, and focus to my current life.  Afterward, Terri took the time to speak with me about certain aspects of the journey and how I may relate and grow from the knowledge I gained about myself.  And it did not end there; I made an audio recording of the session, so later in the evening I was able to listen to it and revisit the parts I could not consciously recall (due to the deep state of relaxation during the regression).  Terri is a gifted, compassionate healer.  I can't wait to further explore myself with future past-life regressions with her.  I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to allow my past to move me forward."

- Gretchen from State College, PA

What can I expect from a Past-Life Regression Session?

Terri will first meet with you before the regression and during an intake interview will ask you questions related to what you may hope to uncover in the experience, issues you may like to resolve, your past-life beliefs, and session expectations, so that she may better guide you during the regression.  However, it is not necessary to have any particular goals for the session, just a curiosity and openness to the experience.  

After the interview, you will make yourself comfortable in our healing space, and Terri will lead you through a series of relaxation exercises, including progressive muscle relaxation techniques, and pleasant guided visualizations.  These techniques will allow your conscious mind to relax and allow access to your subconscious mind’s memories of your previous lifetimes.  

You will then be asked to respond to questions regarding what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing in the past life.  You may be guided to more than one lifetime in a session and will have the opportunity to remember joyful events, loving connections, and identify souls who may be incarnated again with you in your current lifetime.  You may remember special skills that you developed in these lifetimes, your past livelihoods, as well as cultural traditions.

- Terri Dennis, Past Life Regression Facilitator

You may also be able to release any painful memories, as well as have an opportunity to offer forgiveness and healing to any difficult situations you may remember.  Terri will guide you to observe any particularly challenging memories from an “observer” standpoint so that you feel completely safe and protected.  (Please note, that you will be in control of the session at all times, and will be able to open your eyes at anytime, as well.)  In general, every Past-Life Regression session is completely unique and clients have reported a wide range of experiences and memories.  

The entire session can last 2 hours and clients will be given time at the end of the regression to process the experience, discuss their findings and observations, and re-ground themselves.  Therefore, clients should give themselves time in their schedules after their sessions to allow themselves to reorient themselves back into their current bodies before driving again.

What are some of the Benefits of a session?

- You can recover from any current anxieties, worries, or depression
- You can heal emotional wounds and past traumas that may be coloring your current lifetime
- You can understand any current physical ailments connections to previous lifetimes and have the   
  chance to alleviate symptoms
- You can gain better understanding of any challenging relationships in your current life
- You can recognize patterns and tendencies, and be able to transform any unwanted behaviors
- You can appreciate past-life talents and bring those back to fruition in the current lifetime
- You can uncover connections to past-life souls you have relationships with today
- You can have a clearer understanding of your soul’s life lessons
- You can obtain spiritual guidance, wisdom, and peaceful resolution to problems

Will Past-Life Regression “work” for everyone?

Again, every client’s experience is completely unique and individual.  Some clients have very deep experiences and see their past lives as if they are watching a movie, others have briefer visions and memories.  If a client is unable to clearly see a past life, it may mean that they are not yet meant to remember the lifetime, and may need more time in the current life before processing the past life.  It is also possible that the client may need more practice in relaxing their conscious mind, so that the images can come more smoothly.  However, almost every client benefits from the experience as the guided meditation in itself is helpful for releasing stagnant energy and blockages that the client may have for releasing.

How can I schedule a Past-Life Regression Session with Terri?

To schedule a session, please click here to visit Terri's scheduling page.  You may also email Terri at to request a session time.  Please count on approximately 2 hours for a full regression session including intake and post-session review.  Please indicate times you are available from the schedule below:

Monday:         10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Wednesday:   10:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Friday:            12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday:          10:00 am - 4:00 pm  

What are the fees and location for Past-Life Regression Sessions?


Sessions are $150 for approximately 2 hours.  Payment can be made in cash, or check payable to "Terri Dennis," or by credit card at the time of the session.

Sessions are located at 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803.  

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