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Spirit Mediumship Reading with Desiree

Scheduling Information:

General Information:

  • Spirit Mediumship Readings are scheduled in advance through Desiree's online scheduling system.  This will allow you to instantly schedule your appointment!

  • If you are unable to schedule online, appointments may also be made through emailing or texting / calling (814) 380 -1631.  (Please note that it may take up to a week to receive a response from Desiree about scheduling.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to try to use our automatic online system first.)

  • Due to the high demand for in-person readings, Desiree may be open for a phone or Zoom reading sooner than her first available in-person appointment.  (Click Here to schedule a Phone / Zoom session.) 

  • To learn more about Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Readings, click here.


In-Person Reading Location:

  • Appointments take place at Desiree's home at 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA, 16803.


  • If you need help finding the house, Desiree's phone number is (814) 380-1631. 

Preparing for a Reading:  

  • Desiree does not require her clients to prepare anything specific prior to their reading appointment.  If you choose, you may wish to write down a list of questions to ask your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, & Spirit Loved Ones throughout the reading. 


  • Recording the session with your own iPhonesmartphone, or another recording device is permitted for no additional cost!


  • Desiree offers the possibility of recording your Spirit Mediumship Reading for an additional fee. You may choose to receive her recording of your session digitally through e-mail ($5) or on a CD sent to you by mail to the address of your choosing ($15).

Desiree's Schedule of Availability:

Desiree will be offering in-person appointments on the following dates in 2024.  Please use the online scheduling system below to book your session.   

July, 2024 - July 25 & 30 


August, 2024 - August 1


(*More in-person appointment dates in 2024 to be announced!  If you would like to be added to Desiree's waiting list to be contacted about last minute openings or future in-person reading dates, please contact her at

Rates / Payment Information:

Spirit Mediumship In-Person Reading Rates:

  • $250 ~ One-Hour Reading

  • $255 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading (w / $5 Digital Recording)

  • $265 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading  (w / $15 CD Recording


Rates for Additional Guests...

  • There is no additional cost to invite one extra person to attend the reading with you!

  • If you invite 2 or more people to attend, there will be an added $20 fee per person after the first free guest.

Payment Information:

  • Payment for in-person readings can be made at the time of the appointment in the form cash, check, Venmo, or credit card.  (Please make check payable to "Desiree Dennis".)

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the session. 

  • If no cancellation is given 24 hours before the session and it is the first time the client has missed a session, the client will be charged a $150 cancellation fee that they must pay before rescheduling.  (If additional sessions are missed in the future, the client will be asked to pay the full one-hour session fee of $225 before rescheduling.)

Schedule an In-Person Appointment...

Schedule an In-Person Reading with Desiree

Book with the Online Scheduling System!

* By clicking the "Book Appointment" button below, you are indicating that you have read Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Reading Disclaimer and agree to all of its terms.  

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