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Schedule a Session

Spirit Mediumship Reading with Desiree
(Phone / Zoom)

Scheduling Information:

General Information:

  • Spirit Mediumship Readings are scheduled in advance through Desiree's online scheduling system.  This will allow you to instantly schedule your appointment!

  • If you are unable to schedule online, appointments may also be made through emailing or texting / calling (814) 380 -1631.  (Please note that it may take up to a week to receive a response from Desiree about scheduling.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to try to use our automatic online system first.)

  • To learn more about Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Readings, click here.


Phone Sessions:

  • At their previously scheduled session time, the client will call Desiree at (814) 380-1631

Zoom Sessions:

  • Desiree offers sessions via Zoom for international English-speaking clients.  If you live outside of the United States, please indicate you are interested in a Zoom session in the "Comments" section of the online scheduling system client information form.  Desiree will send you a Zoom link prior to the scheduled reading time.

Preparing for a Reading:  

  • Desiree does not require her clients to prepare anything specific prior to their reading appointment.  If you choose, you may wish to write down a list of questions to ask your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, & Spirit Loved Ones throughout the reading. 


  • Desiree offers the possibility of recording your Spirit Mediumship Reading for an additional fee. You may choose to receive her recording of your session digitally via e-mail or on a CD sent to you by mail to the address of your choosing.  (If a client chooses to use their own recording device, there is no additional fee.)

Desiree's Schedule of Availability:

Desiree's Reading Schedule:

  • Tuesday:  10:30 am - 1:00 pm EST,  4:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

  • Thursday:  10:00 am - 12:30 pm EST, 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

  • Friday:  10:00 am - 12:30 pm EST  (*Limited Fridays Available)

(Desiree is generally available to schedule sessions in these time windows, but her schedule can vary.  Please note that she is typically booked several weeks in advance.)

Emergency / After-Hours Appointments:

  • If you have an “emergency” situation that necessitates contact with Desiree sooner than her first availability, Desiree offers a limited number of after-hours appointments.  Emergency / After-Hours Reading rates are $300 for a One-Hour Reading, and $150 for a Half-Hour Reading.  (A digital recording is included in the after-hours fee.)   To inquire about scheduling an After-Hours Reading, please email Desiree at, and put “After-Hours Appointment Request” in the subject line.   (Please note that after-hours appointments are not guaranteed and are subject to Desiree's availability.)

Weekend / Late Evening Appointments:

  • If your work schedule does not allow you to find a reading time within Desiree's regular hours, you may request an evening or weekend appointment time for an additional $25 fee. Please text Desiree at (814) 380-1631 to set up an appointment, and indicate that you need to schedule a session outside of her normal schedule.  (Please note that weekend / late evening appointments are not guaranteed and are subject to Desiree's availability.) 

Rates / Payment Information:

Spirit Mediumship Phone / Zoom Reading Rates:

  • $200 ~ One-Hour Reading

  • $205 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading (w / $5 Digital Recording)

  • $215 ~ Recorded One-Hour Reading  (w / $15 CD Recording

(Desiree offers a limited number of Half-Hour Reading appointments outside of her normal schedule.  If you would you like to schedule a Half-Hour Reading or have a gift certificate for a Half-Hour Reading that you would like to redeem, please text Desiree at (814) 380-1631.  The rate for a Half-Hour Reading is $100.)


Payment Information:

  • Payment for phone readings must be made prior to the scheduled appointment time through credit card, PayPal, or by check.

  • To Pay by Credit Card / PayPal:   Please use the payment link below. 

  • To Pay by Check:  Please make check payable to "Desiree Dennis" and mail to 137 Ghaner Drive, State College, PA 16803.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the session.  If no cancellation is given 24 hours before the session and it is the first time the client has missed a session, the client will be charged a $100 cancellation fee that they must pay before rescheduling.  (If additional sessions are missed in the future, the client will be asked to pay the full one-hour session fee of $200 before rescheduling.)

Step 1:  Schedule an Appointment...

Schedule a Phone / Zoom Reading with Desiree

Book with the Online Scheduling System!

* By clicking the "Book Appointment" button below, you are indicating that you have read Desiree's Spirit Mediumship Reading Disclaimer and agree to all of its terms.  

Step 2:  Pay for a Spirit Mediumship Reading...

Blue Hummingbird

One-Hour Reading


~ $200

Image by Steve Harvey

Recorded One-Hour Reading

(w / $5 Digital Recording)

~ $205

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Recorded One-Hour Reading

(w / $15 CD Recording)

~ $215

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