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This unique deck of 52 cards was designed to uplift your spirit and encourage beneficial manifestation in your life path. The front of each card includes copies of original paintings by Terri Dennis, Creator of “Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, and Well-Being.” The Chinese symbols on the front of each card are the title of each work and represent the general theme of the affirmation on the back of each card. You may choose to use the deck in order or try randomly selecting a card and observing if that card resonates with you for that day!


Note from Terri...


"Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, & Wellbeing" Deck #2 was created in response to loving feedback I received from my first card deck. I have come to see that the cards truly have a "life of their own" and in a sense seem to "know" or "empathically feel" what card a person may benefit from on a particular day! I hope this second card deck will serve you in the same way.

Positive Affirmation Cards for Strength, Renewal, and Well-Being (Deck #2)

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