About Us...

Desiree & Terri Dennis are a mother-daughter team dedicated to offering healing, guidance, and empowerment through their services, classes, and KindHeart products.
Currently, their private practice has reached thousands of clients worldwide through in-person & phone sessions.  Together, they travel the country teaching workshops on spirit mediumship, past lives, manifestation, intuitive development, Reiki healing, and more!  In addition, they co-founded the "Spirit Guidance and Healing Center" in their hometown of State College, Pennsylvania where they offer dozens of classes yearly, as well as their monthly "Spirit Junction" community gatherings.  

Desiree Dennis

Spirit Medium, Reiki Master,
Workshop Facilitator

As a spirit medium, Desiree is able to hear and communicate messages she receives from spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones who have passed on to the "Other Side."  Spirits' wisdom is laden with positive words and guidance spanning every subject.  Desiree serves as a type of "spirit telephone" that allows a reciprocal conversation between the recipient of her session and their loved ones in spirit.

Desiree offers in-person "Spirit Guidance Sessions" in State College, Pennsylvania and phone / Skype readings worldwide.

Terri Dennis

Life Coach, Past-Life Intuitive, 
Workshop Facilitator
Terri offers her clients loving guidance & inspiration to live their lives to the fullest potential.  Through her Life Coaching, Spirit Animal Readings, & Past-Life Regression sessions, she provides a “helping hand” to expand personal fulfillment, improve interpersonal relationships, heal unconscious blockages, and enhance physical, emotional, & spiritual well-being.  

Terri offers in-person "Life Coaching," 
"Spirit Animal" & "Past-Life Regression
Sessions" in State College, PA and phone 
"Life Coaching" and "Spirit Animal" sessions worldwide.

Learn more about Desiree and her offerings below!

Learn more about Terri and her offerings below!