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"Connecting with Our Spirit Animals"

Sunday, June 30, 2024
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

"Lily Dale" in New York

Join Spirit Animal Intuitive, Terri Dennis, as we enter the fascinating realm of our Spirit Animal Guides and Totems in this dynamic and intuitive-building workshop.  The training will include in-depth lectures with colorful slides, lively group sharing, Q & A, as well as two exciting intuitive practice opportunities.  In the first practice, attendees will be led in a guided meditation to discover and communicate with their own precious Spirit Animal guides.  In a culminating partner exercise, attendees will practice intuitively perceiving their partner's Spirit Animals and sharing their loving messages.


We will explore…

  • The various categories of Spirit Animals, including "Animal Totems," "Power Animals," and "Past-Life Animal" connections

  • How to identify our own and other people's Spirit Animals through Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience

  • How to interpret our Spirit Animal's unique behaviors, qualities, and positive attributes that they offer us

  • The meaning of a Spirit Animal's habitat, their color markings, and their age upon presentation

  • How to receive and interpret Spirit Animal's messages and guidance for ourselves and others

  • How Spirit Animals validate (provide "proof") they are assisting us in our lives

  • Techniques to further develop our relationships with our Spirit Animals on our own time

  • Plus much more!

"Terri's Animal Spirit Workshop has changed my connection with animals forever!  Terri put her whole heart into this training, which offered fascinating information about different types of animal spirits and how we can connect and work with them.  The details and stories from her experiences helped me learn to interpret animal spirits in ways I had never considered, and the practice exercises helped me experience how powerful their guidance can be.  This life-changing class opened my eyes to the deep love, support, and guidance our spirit animals have for us, especially when we learn to enhance our connection and communication with them.  Thank you, Terri, for helping me step into the powerful, magical, and healing world of animal spirits!"


 - Cindi Delinsky, Spirit Animal Trainee (July, 2023)

Training Details...


Sunday, June 30, 2024

9:30 am - 4:30 pm



"Lily Dale Assembly"

(Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY 14752)


We will have short breaks throughout the day and a one-hour lunch break around 12:30 pm.

Training Fee: 




To register for Terri's in-person Spirit Animal Training at Lily Dale, please click the "Register Now" button below.  (You will be booking the workshop through the Lily Dale website.)

For More Information:

Please email Terri at with any further questions!

More Student Testimonials...

“I loved this day with Terri and the group! I absorbed every bit of information Terri shared in her one day Spirit Animal Training class and wished it lasted longer. Terri brings us all to our highest self when she works with Spirit. The Animal Kingdom truly is surrounding, supporting, and gifting us with their guidance when we tune in to our connection with them. Memorable experience!"


- Marnie from Michigan

"What a wonderful, valuable, & insightful program! Thank you so much! Really made a difference to allow & expand the beautiful animal energy in & around us! Also, just being in your presence & that of the group provides a healing energy that envelopes us & our consciousness is expanded. Thank you for you & your work. Truly amazing and light-filled!" 


- Elaine from Pennsylvania

"I wanted to thank Terri so very much for her beautiful class!  I learned so much. It gave me some added depth to my meditations and opened more doors for me."

- Deanna from Michigan

“The information in Terri's Spirit Animal Workshop adds so much depth and color to how I interpret the animals who arrive in my readings. Their appearances have such layered meaning, and these skills help me uncover some of that meaning for the recipients. Terri brings a relaxed vibe of unconditional love and acceptance that inspires the pupil to believe that with those important ingredients, anything is possible. Amazing what that elicits!”

- Frannie from Michigan

“I got a lot of information out of this training, and it completely expanded my spirituality. I connected with my intuition in a way I never have before and felt very empowered afterwards.”

 - Elektra from Pennsylvania

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