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Ethereal & meditative vocal harmonies, tones, & chants with singing bowl, violin, acoustic guitar & percussion.


Track Listing...


1. Sandalphon's Singing Bowl

2. Michael's Invocation

3. Ariel's Aria

4. Gabriel's Chorus

5. Metatron's Meditation

6. Raphael's Lullaby

7. Uriel's Hymn

8. Zadkiel's Refrain

9. Chamuel's Chant

10. Jophiel's Singing Bowl

11. Song for the Wind (Bonus Track by Emily Dennis)




Desiree Dennis ~ Vocals, Singing Bowl, Sacred Drum

Terri Dennis ~ Vocals

Emily Dennis ~ Vocals, Violin, Singing Bowl, Maraca

Zach Dennis ~ Guitar & Djembe

Angel Sanctuary ~ Healing Music CD

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