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For Children Ages 5 - 12 & Magic Lovers of All Ages!


CD Notes for Parents and Guardians:


Track 1 : “Flight of the Firefly” - Introduces children to their main guide, Lily the Fairy, and their co-traveler, Benedict the Eagle. Relaxing visualizations in a beautiful natural setting allow children to release unwanted frustrations, anxieties, and stresses with the help of the local fireflies and Lily’s magical assistance.


Track 2 : “Gifts from the Jungle” - Lily the Fairy and Tassel the Magic Carpet transport children to the jungle, where animals present special “gifts” of valuable qualities that will serve children in their life. Children are given the opportunity to repeat positive affirmations to reinforce the loving qualities offered by the jungle animals.


Track 3 : “Land of Light” - Lily the Fairy and Stardust the Winged Unicorn journey with children to their homeland, the magical “Land of Light,” where fairies, elves, gnomes, and centaurs roam. Children meet with an ancient dragon, Frensenia, for a “healing session” to soothe any physical or emotional challenges children may be facing.


Track 4: “Kindness Crusader” - Children join Benedict the Eagle on “kindness missions,” scouting out ways to spread kindness, service, and love. Children are encouraged to always be on the look out to bring kindness and aid to others in need, as well as care for themselves in their daily lives.

Flight of the Firefly: Magic Meditations for Kids! Guided Meditation CD

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