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Self-Love Journey Through the 7 Chakras...

Next Self-Love Journey will Take Place in Winter, 2025!
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9-Week Self-Love Chakra Immersion!
January 10 - March 13, 2024


Live Zoom Sessions on Wednesdays
at 11:00 am - 1:00 p
m ET!

9 Class Dates:
Jan. 10, Jan. 17, Jan. 24, Jan. 31, Feb. 14, Feb. 21, Feb. 28, Mar. 6, & Mar. 13

Can't make it to class live?  No problem! 
You can still join the Self-Love Journey through watching the class recordings & participating in the Facebook group!  (More information below!)

Join Desiree for a joyful & transformative self-love journey and dive into the magical world of chakra exploration!  This step-by-step course will incorporate empowering chakra activations, healing meditations, and reflective journaling exercises to help you build your sense of self-love & self-respect... one chakra at a time!  With the support of a loving and vibrant online community, you will have the special opportunity to deepen your connection to your authentic self and celebrate the beauty of who you truly are.  Throughout the journey, Desiree will also share creative & fun "Chakra Boost" activities to further strengthen the chakra of the week & continue your self-love practices at home!


We will explore…

  • "The Self-Love Triangle" & How to Apply It to Your Personal Self-Love Journey (Inspired by "The Triangular Theory of Love" by Robert Sternberg)

  • How to Create a "Self-Love Support Toolbox"  (Using the 5 Senses to Support Well-Being and Development of Self-Love & Self-Care)

  • Self-Love Chakra Affirmations

  • How to Offer Energy Healing to Each of Your Chakras

  • Helpful Chakra Supports (i.e. Essential Oils, Crystals, Foods, & More!)

  • Illuminating Self-Love Journaling Prompts

  • Community Sharing Opportunities in Private Zoom Break-Out Rooms & Private Facebook Group (Optional)

  • Simple Self-Love Practices to Integrate into Your Daily Life

  • Creative "Chakra Boost" Activities to Strengthen Your Chakras at Home

  • And Much More! 

Our 9-Week Self-Love Journey…


  • Week 1 ~ Orientation:  "The Self-Love Journey Begins!

  • Week 2 ~ Root Chakra:  "Grounding in Self-Love"

  • Week 3 ~ Sacral Chakra:  "Reclaiming Your Playful Inner Child"

  • Week 4 ~ Solar Plexus Chakra:  "Honoring Your Inherent Worth"

  • Week 5 ~ Heart Chakra"Cultivating Love & Gratitude for Your Body"

  • Week 6 ~ Throat Chakra:  “Expressing Your Authentic Self”

  • Week 7 ~ Third Eye Chakra:  “Nurturing a Clear & Compassionate Vision of Self”

  • Week 8 ~ Crown Chakra:  "Connecting with Your Expanded Self & All That Is"

  • Week 9 ~ Integration:  "Celebration of the Journey!"

Self-Love Journey Details...

Two Ways to Participate in the Journey...

Option #1:  Join the Self-Love Journey Live on Zoom!

The live class sessions of the "Self-Love Journey Through the 7 Chakras" will take place over Zoom from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm ET on Wednesdays from January 10 - March 13, 2024.  (There will be no class on Feb. 7.)  The Zoom link will be sent by email prior to start of the training.  If you need to miss a live class, video recordings will be made available after each session so you can get caught up on the class material. 

Option #2:  Watch the Recorded Version!

If you are not able to attend any live classes, you are still able to participate in the journey through watching the class recordings and participating in the Facebook group if you choose!  (A video recording of each Zoom meeting will be sent to all participants by email within 24 hours after each class.) 

Recording Consent...

The training will be recorded in "Active Speaker Mode" which means that only the person who is speaking will be recorded, and the other participants who are watching & listening will not.  Therefore, if you wish to ask a question or share an experience with the group while class is in session, please note that you will be included in the final video recording of the training.  You are welcome to turn your video off when you ask a question, or type a question into the chat if you prefer not to be recorded.  (Please note that any private conversations you have in break-out rooms will not be recorded.)  By participating in the training, you are consenting to these terms.

Course Fee:

Choose Your Price!  (3-Tier Pricing)

  1. "Self-Love Fundamentals"  ($111) =  For Those Who Cannot Attend Live or Could Use A Little Extra Financial Assistance at this Time!

  2. "Self-Love Immersion" ($188) For Those Who Plan to Attend the Live Classes As Much As Possible!  (*Suggested Price for the Journey!)

  3. "Self-Love Angel Supporter" ($222) = For Those Who Wish to Help Support Someone Attending on Scholarship

Registration & Payment: 

To register & pay for the "Self-Love Journey Through the 7 Chakras", please choose one of the three price options and use the corresponding payment link below to submit payment. 

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds available for this course.

Register for the Self-Love Journey Through the 7 Chakras...
Choose Your Price Below!

Image by Darius Bashar

Tier #1:  "Self-Love Fundamentals"

~ $111

(For Those Who Cannot Attend Live or Could Use A Little Extra Financial Assistance at this Time!)


Tier #2:  "Self-Love Immersion"

~ $188

(*Suggested Price!)

(For Those Who Plan to Attend the Live Classes As Much As Possible!)

Image by Vanessa Kintaudi

Tier #3:  "Self-Love Angel Supporter"

~ $222

(For Those Who Wish to Help Support Someone Attending on Scholarship! )

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