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Private Training
with Desiree

Trainings Available Over Zoom...

Private Mediumship


We are all born with a natural ability to connect to spirit.  Many of us simply need to remember how to open our mind & energy field to receive the wealth of spirit guidance and support that is available to us.  Private Mediumship Training will help you to reawaken and develop the skill of consciously receiving messages from spirit for yourself and others.  Desiree will meet you at your current level of understanding & practice, and ask for your input about the desired topics you wish to cover.  All Private Training students will receive a PDF of Desiree's 62-Page Spirit Mediumship Level 1 & 2 Training Manual.  Beginners and experienced levels are welcome!

Potential Topics & Exercises for Beginners (Level 1)...


  • Introduction to Your 6 Metaphysical Senses

  • Introduction to the Chakras and How They Relate to Spirit Communication

  • 4-Step Preparation Process for Spirit Communication

  • Basic Tools to Identify the Spirits That Are Coming to Talk to You

  • How to Receive Basic Messages from Spirit

  • How to Receive Answers from Spirit to Specific Questions You Ask

  • The Symbolic Language of Spirit

  • How to Create a Sacred Space to Practice Mediumship at Home

  • Common Spirit Communication Challenges and Tools to Solve Them

  • Guided Meditations to Connect with Your Spirit Guidance Team

  • Introductory Mediumship Exercises (Automatic Writing, Personality Readings, Basic Spirit Meet & Greet, Q & A with Spirit, and More!)  

  • Q & A

Potential Topics & Exercises for Intermediate Students (Level 2)...

  • 8 Common Methods to Identify a Spirit

  • Introduction to the "Rainbow Grid" ~ Desiree's Personal Technique for Identifying Multiple Spirit Loved Ones in One Sitting

  • "List of 3” Exercise ~ A Technique to Receive 3 Short & Helpful Messages from the Spirits)

  • How to Give a "Guidance Mini-Reading" about a Specific Topic (i.e. Life Path, Spiritual Lessons, Relationships, Career, Past-Lives, & More!) 

  • How to Facilitate a "Basic Reunion Reading" to Pass on Healing & Validating Messages from a Person's Departed Loved Ones

  • How to Be a Responsible Spirit Medium

  • Tips to Grow Your Spirit Mediumship Abilities

  • Q & A

Potential Topics & Exercises for Advanced Students (Level 3)...

  • How to Structure a Complete "Guidance Reading" & "Reunion Reading"

  • The Yin & Yang Approach to Mediumship 

  • Developing your Mediumship Style

  • Establishing your Mediumship "Anchor Point" to Assist Your Accuracy

  • Self-Love & Empowerment Meditation 

  • What Are the Challenges to Mediumship Work, & How Can We Go Past Them?

  • The Ethics of Mediumship

  • How to Be a Healthy & Balanced Spirit Medium

  • How to Prepare for a Spirit Mediumship Client 

  • Q & A

Private Chakra Healing

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Learning to heal & empower your personal chakra energy centers is a powerful way to nurture your sense of well-being and live your life to the fullest potential.  In Private Chakra Training, Desiree will provide instruction in the unique functions of each chakra and a wide variety of methods to heal them.  Desiree will meet you at your current level of understanding & practice, and ask for your input about the desired topics you wish to cover. 


Potential Topics & Exercises...


  • The 7 Major Chakras (Location, Color, Physical / Emotional Aspects, Element, Sanskrit Name, etc.)

  • Chakra Imbalances & How to Heal Them

  • How to Use a Pendulum to Determine Chakra Health & Well-Being

  • "Chakra Chat" ~ How to Receive Intuitive Information Directly from the Chakras

  • Vocal Toning to Heal the Chakras

  • Chakra Empowerment Meditation

  • Basic Hands-On Energy Healing Techniques

What is the Rate for Private Training with Desiree?

Private Training Rate:

  • $85 ~ One-Hour Private Training

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- Desiree Dennis

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